Monday, 4 November 2013

Landmark Information Group unveils enhanced map analysis software

In response to increasing market demand for Phase 1 desk studies to be conducted faster than ever before while still delivering tangible efficiency gains, Landmark Information Group has enhanced its Envirocheck Analysis online mapping software. Designed to deliver significant time savings and improved accuracy benefits over manual historic map analysis for Phase 1 environmental site assessments, Envirocheck Analysis provides a quick and easy way to overlay current and historical maps and aerial photography.

As James Carlisle, Technical Director at RPS Health, Safety & Environment, which is a regular user of Envirocheck Analysis, explains: “Envirocheck Analysis is a key part of our assessment process for environmental reporting on UK sites and enables our team to produce fast, accurate and comprehensive reports to meet our clients' typically urgent timescales. Gone are the days when our consultants were surrounded by piles of paper and scale rulers, or making frequent trips to local libraries.”

As one of the leading providers of historical mapping, Landmark Information Group launched the first Envirocheck product in 1996, and since then has established a large customer base of environmental consultants in the UK, who see Envirocheck as an essential part of their Phase 1 reporting. According to a survey of Envirocheck Analysis users, well over a third of respondents (37.5%) use the software  at least once a month, with 75% citing time savings and greater accuracy as among the key benefits of using Envirocheck Analysis over manual historical map analysis.   

Historically preparing a Phase 1 desk study was time consuming, inefficient and reliant on consultants visiting local libraries and manually comparing numerous differently scaled maps. Landmark Information Group’s Envirocheck product was the first service to collate the information in a single place, with the online analysis software delivering dynamic map overlaying, drawing and measuring tools bringing further efficiencies and helping to streamline the map analysis process. The vast majority (94%) of users now spend less than three hours carrying out map analysis; resulting in average time savings of 25% when compared with manual analysis.  

David Mole, Business Development Director at Landmark Information Group, says: “The latest enhancements to our Envirocheck Analysis software have come as a direct result of our extensive research and consultation with the industry. As technology becomes increasingly sophisticated, it’s important that we innovate and build added-value services that make a difference to our client’s bottom line. The days of sourcing hard-copy maps from libraries are long behind us, and the speed and flexibility of the Envirocheck Analysis platform means that Environmental Consultants can be even more rigorous in their approach to land appraisal.”

“Our ultimate goal is to respond to the needs of Environmental Consultants,” David adds. “With no need for a traditional software licence or subscription, this new technology will enable consultants to save time & money and lead to improved accuracy in reporting, which will in turn deliver swifter appraisal of sites through to planning consent.”

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