Thursday, 21 November 2013

Landmark Information Group supports next generation of property professionals with University Lecture Programme

We have launched a University Lecture Programme across the UK, to provide MSc and MBA Real Estate students with an insight into the range of digital mapping datasets that are available in today’s commercial world, and to support property or land-related projects that are underway as part of their courses. 

Lectures have taken place at Oxford Brookes University this week, whereby students from its Real Estate & Construction Department attended the session to trial the web-based Promap digital mapping application.  By using the tool, students were able to access Ordnance Survey mapping, plus a wide range of additional datasets, which will support them in the analysis of their course development projects, which are based on hypothetical development sites across the country.  

Carole Ankers, Product Development Director, said: “We have launched our University Lecture Programme to provide students who are studying topics related to real estate, construction or land development with direct access to our Promap digital mapping application. By doing so, they benefit from first-hand experience of the system which is widely used by architects, surveyors, developers and other related professionals.  Plus, all students receive a certificate to confirm that they have used the system during their degree course and passed the project, which can be emphasised when seeking future employment.”

The lecture at Oxford Brookes University is the third visit orchestrated by Landmark, which has been well received by students and staff as Nick French, Professor in Real Estate at Oxford Brookes University confirms: “We always want our students to have as much practical experience as possible. It is important that they develop their skills and knowledge of systems used by property professionals, to help prepare them for a career after university.”

With over 25,000 users, our Promap service is used by surveyors, architects, property and land developers, builders, engineers and industry professionals that require instant access to Ordnance Survey maps and related digital mapping data.   It also provides access to 3D models, height data, aerial photography and geo-data, including environmental, planning and geological reports to identify potential site issues.
For any universities interested in joining the Promap University Lecture Programme, please contact Paul Marshall on 07798 611 121 or email

For more information on Landmark Information Group visit:, read the Landmark blog, follow the team on Twitter, subscribe to the YouTube Channel or connect with via LinkedIn


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