Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Simplification of CRC, proposed changes in Phase 1 - webinar Q&A

The following questions are a sample of those that were raised during the third of our free webinars on CRC held on 28th May 2013. 

These questions concern the changes to the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme that have recently been brought in by the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme Order 2013.  

Please note that this article is not intended to provide legal advice and should not be relied on.  It is not to be regarded as a full statement of law and practice in this area and specific advice should be taken on matters of concern.

Q Can you confirm whether electricity meter profile classes 1 & 2 for commercial property (i.e. student residences owned by the University) can be eliminated from 2012-2013 reporting?

A Accommodation that is provided in relation to a person’s education, employment or service falls within CRC, so energy consumed in student residences is not excluded in the same way that energy supplied to homes is.  However, the change to the rules concerning electricity (and gas) meters applies to all premises, and it applies for the final two years of Phase 1.  Our understanding is therefore that any supplies to student accommodation through profile class 01 and 02 electricity meters, or through gas meters that record under the 73,200 kWh threshold, do not need to be reported from now on

Q What about laboratory gas?

A Not having been in a lab since our schooldays, we're guessing that the gas is always, or almost always, used for heating purposes.  It will therefore have to be reported unless it is supplied through a meter which measures below the 73,200 kWh threshold, or the 2% de minimis applies.

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