Friday, 17 May 2013

Mary Dhonau OBE shares her experiences on flood recovery and trials new 4-day flood drying service.

As you know I have been flooded many times and over the years have  supported numerous communities and individuals in their recovery. I know from my own experience, and I have been told repeatedly by others, that one of the worst aspects of being flooded is the length of time it takes to dry a property, which results in many long months and even sometimes years out of your home.

I was recently approached by Clear Blue Flood Drying and asked to look into the service they offer which can dry a property within only 4 days. This seemed a tall order!  But seeing it first hand, and having been pretty convinced by them, I thought I’d send you the following information which may help you when supporting the victims of flooding. I know many of you will not be able to endorse any one system but in my book it’s good to know about any service that is available to help victims of flooding in their recovery.

Clear Blue Flood Drying is unique in offering a 4 day flood drying service throughout the UK. Using the latest hydronic drying technology they employ a combination of managed heat and airflow to supercharge evaporation, allowing them to dry properties to pre-flood conditions in only 4 days.

Their solution is the only rapid drying service to have been independently tested as safe to use on all buildings and materials. As specialists in flood drying, (which is their sole occupation), their team is led by construction experts who understand moisture movement and removal. Clear Blue is therefore able to remove flood water trapped in sub-floor areas without the need for invasive works.

The ability to release trapped moisture via evaporation leads to significant reductions in strip out, saving time and money in unnecessary reinstatement costs. As their testimonials show their unique solution can drastically reduce the time and costs of managing a flood claim and their services are in growing demand from a number of the UK’s major insurers, loss adjusters, plus residential and commercial customers.

In addition to these unique benefits their drying service can reduce the carbon footprint of managing a flood claim by up to 80%.

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