Thursday, 6 June 2013

Bridget Whelan, Flooding of our Home and Garden - Blog 2: Clean up begins

Well we have made it to Friday and boy is it cold, just been to buy electric heaters.
Things are now starting to dry out with the help of four dehumidifiers and two fans only problem is if you go downstairs you can barely hear yourself think, it’s like being on the runway at Heathrow!

We have been visited by the local councillor and members of the Environment Agency and I have to say they have been exceedingly helpful over the last few days.

The downstairs of the house still looks like a warzone but we are in the process of boxing and storing the possessions we have been able to save and although an awful lot of our furniture has been lost, it is possible some of the solid wood items may be saved and restored.

The cold weather has both benefits and downsides, benefits being, at least the wet items and the things piled up outside don’t smell and the downsides are obvious, hence the buying of the heaters!

At the moment we are in a lull in activities in the house as we await the arrival of more boxes for storage, but the vehicle recovery guys have been today to take away hubby’s car.  When it was winched up on the wagon it was almost unbelievable the amount of water that came out of it, water that wasn’t obvious when it was standing on the drive.  To keep busy we have been wrapping Christmas gifts and delivering as many as we can because as you can imagine we are extremely hard pressed here for space, so for the members of our family Christmas has come early this year!

Last night for a break we went to the Victorian Fayre in Worcester after having a lovely meal cooked for us by our grand daughter.  It was freezing cold in town but the sight of the lights and stalls puts you in the festive mood and allows you to forget what’s going on at home for a couple of hours, and we also bumped into a couple of friends that we had not seen for  a while, so it was well worth going.  The highlight of the evening was watching the face of our grandson as he went passed us on each revolution of the carousel, what a picture.

The daunting task for the weekend is to check out what we have lost in the garden sheds and outbuildings but the lifting alone should keep them warm anyway and I will be chief tea maker.  (For those of you that don’t know I have Fibromyalgia, which causes muscle pain and fatigue, and also asthma so I am not a lot of help when it comes to the heavy lifting)

I have asked the EA about my concerns over flood defences causing flooding elsewhere and have been reliably informed the each set of defences only causes about a 1 millimetre rise in the river and therefore makes little or no difference to anyone downstream, but I have to say I’m still not whole heartedly sure but hey, if the experts tell me it’s right then who am I to argue.

I have been told several times this week that people are surprised at how upbeat I am but really it’s a case of laugh or cry, and crying is so tiring.  Being tired is something I can manage on my own without adding to it, although our eldest daughter and her children made me laugh so much the other night, I was exhausted.

Well, it’s about time we went to see if the dehumidifiers need emptying and also wash up the lunch items, you see, even when the local brook decides to make a house call the menial chores still have to be done.  So love to everyone and keep warm and safe, back soon.

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