Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Strengthening the UK’s Resilience to Flooding

As active members of the Know Your Flood Risk campaign, we closely monitor the undertakings of the group in its quest to raise awareness of flooding on a national level.  

This week, we saw Mary Dhonau OBE, the chief executive of the campaign, chair and speak at a Public Policy Exchange symposium that focused on ‘Strengthening the UK’s resilience to flooding’. 

The event, which was attended by Emergency Planning Officers, the Environment Agency, District and Borough Councils, Civil Contingencies Managers, Local Authority Councillors and members of the insurance industry to name but a few, debated ways to design effective strategies to safeguard the UK against flooding, constructing resilient strategies at the local level and the role of the Lead Local Flood Authorities and other emergency services in a flood crisis to support communities.

Confirmed Mary Dhonau OBE: “The symposium was a great opportunity for people with a wide range of responsibilities and specialisms to come together to share best practice, whilst also gain valuable insights into emergency preparedness at the local level.  With the UK’s vulnerability to extreme weather conditions and the increasing number of flooding occurrences, it was a timely event that discussed all avenues of flooding: – from identifying the risks before they happen, to having a robust contingency or emergency framework in place so communities can respond quickly, when time is of the essence.”

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