Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Landmark and SAVA join forces to enable Home Inspectors and DEAs to achieve AssocRICS

We are delighted to announce that Landmark Information Group, has joined forces with the SAVA School of Surveying to deliver a brand new Diploma course that enables direct entry as an Associate of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (AssocRICS), and increases the number of qualified surveyors that can undertake residential surveys and valuations.

The course provides qualified Home Inspectors, DEAs and new entrants with a tailored pathway to qualify as an AssocRICS and extend their credentials to conduct all residential valuations, offer RICS surveying products or, by joining the SAVA Scheme, to offer the Home Condition Survey – SAVA’s own home purchaser survey carefully tailored to the needs of the buyer. 

The new course not only gives Home Inspectors and other individuals the opportunity to extend their careers, but also supports the wider surveying industry by introducing new talent and improving overall capacity.

Peter Stimson, Managing Director – Landmark Quest, Landmark Information Group comments: “By working in partnership with SAVA, the new Diploma course provides Home Inspectors with an opportunity to extend their credentials so they can conduct valuations for surveyors, panel managers and mortgage lenders.  Landmark already supports surveyors and Home Inspectors with the data they need to make informed decisions when reporting on a property, combined with the technology to help deliver the process.  Now, with the new Diploma NVQ, we are helping to bring new blood into the industry, which is great for Home Inspectors and the wider industry as a whole.”

Chris Rispin, Managing Director, Bluebox: “Whereas previously, it was a requirement to be at a Member of RICS (MRICS) to conduct valuations, the AssocRICS qualification is now recognised by the industry as an appropriate standard.  SAVA and Landmark is pleased to launch the new Diploma course to enable Home Inspectors to extend their experience into the residential valuation space, while helping to fill a hole in the market for qualified experts in this field.”

Peter Bolton King, Global Residential Director at RICS welcomed the new qualifications. “The DipRSurv & Val provides a new and sensible route into residential surveying and valuation for new entrants that wish to concentrate their careers in these fields. The increasing demand for surveys and valuations is stretching the available resource of qualified professionals and the new qualifications are extremely timely. We look forward to welcoming many of the people that achieve these new qualifications into the RICS fold.”
The course is conducted over an 18-month period and includes a range of theory and practical assessment levels, delivered via a mix of face to face training, distance learning and practical assessment. It is hosted at the SAVA School of Surveying in Milton Keynes and is available for an inclusive, packaged fee from £5,940 depending on the entry route.  The next course intake starts in May 2015, with bookings being taken now. 

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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Landmark joins MapAction Marathon Team to help save lives and minimise suffering in humanitarian crises

We’re extremely proud to be supporting two of our employees who have been selected to join the MapAction Team in this year’s Virgin London Marathon.  Landmark has provided long-standing support for MapAction - a leading provider of mapping services and information management expertise for humanitarian emergencies who exist to save lives and minimise suffering. 

Colin Blears, Business Development Manager based at our Reading offices, and Victoria Tomalin, Data Researcher located at our Exeter site, will be joining a Director from Ordnance Survey, a surveyor for Historic Scotland and a mum of four who has always dreamt of running the marathon.

With an average age of 36, and based in far flung locations across the UK from Southampton up to Edinburgh, the MapAction Team will be running the 26.2 miles on Sunday 26th April with a group target of raising at least £5,000.

With 88 days to go, both Colin and Victoria are balancing work and home life with a tough training regime to get them prepared for the big day. Interest will be particularly high this year as it will be world record holder and three-time London champion Paula Radcliffe’s final farewell to marathon running.  The world’s greatest men’s marathon runners will go head-to-head over the marathon distance for the first time: former world-record holder Kipsang will defend his London Marathon title against fellow Kenyan Kimetto, the man who made history last year when he broke Kipsang’s record to become the first man ever to run 26.2 miles in less than two hours three minutes.

Making a difference in humanitarian emergencies

Landmark has provided long-standing support for MapAction since 2011, during which time over £16,000 has been rasied in donations to support their emergency mapping service.  

Landmark has also shown leadership in its support for employee, Darren Connaghan, to deploy on MapAction’s emergency missions.  Darren first joined MapAction as a volunteer in 2005 and became a trustee of the charity in 2013. He has undertaken 7 deployments to date, the most recent in March with the rapidly evolving outbreak of Ebola in Guinea.

Since Landmark first launched its partnership with MapAction, the charity has undertaken 22 humanitarian deployments.  Liz Hughes, Chief Executive of MapAction commented:

“MapAction has recently launched a new strategy which aims to do more – much more – to help save lives and minimise suffering in humanitarian crises. A key part of this strategy is our aim to deploy to twice as many emergencies by 2019. This will require us to recruit, train and deploy more skilled volunteers like Darren, as well as develop innovative new ways of delivering our service, including our new web mapping capability.  Underpinning this strategy are our supporters, like Landmark Information Group, without whom our work is just not possible.”

You can show your support for Colin and Victoria by donating here:

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Flood Free Homes

I have firsthand experience of being repeatedly flooded out of my home. The ravages of floodwater can have far-reaching consequences for everyone affected, not only in terms of the physical damage caused but also less obvious issues, such as stress and depression.

The first bleak walk back into your waterlogged home is so hard to comprehend, if you’ve not been through it yourself. Your belongings are covered with a thick brown sludge, your furniture is sodden and your home stinks. You watch helplessly as everything you have worked so hard for is thrown into a skip. Worse still, you lose items that no insurance policy can ever replace: a child’s first drawings; photographs of relatives who are no longer with us; and it is these experiences that are heart-breaking.

"Since the 1990’s, when my first flood happened, I have spoken to and visited countless people who have their lives devastated by being flooded. They have spoken to me of their utter despair at having lost their home, their ‘sanctuary’, in this way. Flood water is a silent, indiscriminate burglar that takes no prisoners, and doesn’t care whether its victims are the young, old, disabled, rich or poor. It seems to malevolently wreck the lives of thousands of people, year in, year out. It is impossible to put an accurate price tag on the cost of being flooded, but so many people tell me that it the worst singular experience in their lives and the memory of it will stay with them forever.

Extreme weather events are becoming too common place to be ignored, and flooding is the biggest natural threat faced by the UK. It is my belief that flooding is already happening more regularly and last winter’s endless TV footage clearly demonstrated the demands made on our country by the wettest winter on record accompanied by high tidal surges. Never has it been more essential to invest in both building and maintaining flood defences. If we are to avoid vast swathes of the country being brought to its knees on a regular basis then we must invest heavily in all aspects of flood risk management.

In this small country of ours, we have already built too many homes in inappropriate places and the knock on effect on individuals and communities has been devastating and costly. It is time to put an end to this short-sighted irresponsibility. We urgently need a cross party consensus for managing floods, one that will address all forms of flood risk, one with an ambitious  long term goal that will embrace innovation and investment to reduce flood risk."

Mary Dhonau OBE HonRICS
Chief Executive Know Your Flood Risk Campaign

Chair of the Flood Protection Group The Property Care Association

Monday, 19 January 2015

‘Mary Queen of Floods’ makes waves at Whitehall

Reception held at the House of Commons heard calls for an end to housing development on flood plains and increased flood risk funding
On January 20th, the Association of British Insurers (ABI) launched its Flood Free Homes campaign, which raises the issue of long term investment in flood defence and land and water management. ABI is calling for £1 billion per year to be spent on managing flood risk by 2025; cross party consensus on long term solutions; and an end to new developments in areas at risk of flooding. The campaign launched at the House of Commons yesterday, is supported by Know Your Flood Risk, Friends of the Earth, National Flood Forum, the Property Care Association’s Flood Protection Group.
Mary Dhonau, OBE, chief executive of Know Your Flood Risk, was asked to speak at the House of Commons reception, attended by forty MPs. Mary met with Roger Williams, MP, to discuss the current risk to homeowners, based on the latest flood risk modelling data, and joined ABI’s call for an end to housing development on flood plains and an increase in government funding for flood risk management.
Know Your Flood Risk works to raise awareness of flood risk, by lobbying the government and the insurance industry and providing homeowners and businesses with practical guidance on their risk of flooding and how to mitigate the risk of their properties being flooded. As part of its mission to inform home owners of the risk to their property, Know Your Flood Risk works with major data providers, including Landmark Information Group, to maintain up to date flood risk modelling data and ensure that property owners have access to information on the different types and levels of flood risk. 
Environment Agency data shows that approximately 2 million homes in England and Wales are at risk of river and sea flooding, with an additional 2.4 million homes at risk of surface water flooding. One in four homes in the UK are at risk of surface water flooding and ground water flooding, as well as wave overtopping. However, a survey undertaken by the Know Your Flood Risk Campaign revealed that 83 per cent of homeowners do not believe their homes are at risk of flooding and 68 per cent had no measures in place to minimise the risk to their home. Importantly, although 95 per cent of homeowners surveyed by Know Your Flood Risk had contents insurance, 45 per cent do not know whether their insurance policy covers flood damage. 
In addition to advising homeowners on their flood risk, Know Your Flood Risk provides information and support on flood recovery and general flood resilience via its acclaimed guides. As part of its bid to educate homeowners and businesses on their flood risk, Know Your Flood Risk provides access to flood reports, powered by Landmark Information Group’s flood risk data, which enables owners to assess the flood risk to their individual property.
Explaining the key issues behind the Know Your Flood Risk campaign, Mary Dhonau said, “Never has it been more essential to invest in both building and maintaining flood defences. If we are to avoid vast swathes of the country being brought to its knees on a regular basis, then we must invest heavily in all aspects of flood risk management.”
“Too many homes have been built in inappropriate places and the knock on effect on individuals and communities has been devastating and costly. We urgently need a cross party consensus for managing floods, one that will address all forms of flood risk, one with an ambitious  long term goal that will embrace innovation and investment to reduce flood risk.”
In follow up to the reception at the House of Commons, Mary Dhonau will publish a blog on ABI’s Flood Free Homes campaign website, in which she shares her personal experiences of having her home flooded and echoes ABI’s calls for increased investment in flood defences and flood risk management and an end to building new properties in areas at risk of flooding.

Monday, 12 January 2015

JBA Comprehensive Flood Map launches on Landmark Labs

Sample dataset published to provide an insight into the breadth of the latest flood data from JBA

Landmark Information Group, the UK’s leading supplier of digital mapping, property and environmental risk information, has released on to the Landmark Labs portal a sample dataset of JBA Risk Management Limited’s latest Comprehensive Flood Map of Great Britain, to enable land, property and environmental professionals to preview JBA’s extensive flood risk data and give feedback on its potential applications and suitability.

By accessing the sample data on Landmark Labs, users have the ability to interrogate JBA’s extensive flood datasets in the vicinity of Goring-by-Sea, showcasing the highly detailed flooding extents and associated flooding depth information.  A variety of different flood scenarios are presented, including  pluvial flooding (at 1:75, 1:200 and 1:1000 year return periods); undefended fluvial flooding (at 1:20, 1:75, 1:100, 1:200 and 1:1000 year return periods); and undefended coastal flooding risk hazards (at 1:75, 1:100, 1:200 and 1:1000 year return periods).

Mark Burnard, Senior Product Manager at Landmark Information Group said: “The sample JBA flooding data in Landmark Labs provides a preview of the new datasets that are now available to our customers, and gives them the opportunity to take a closer look at the data and tell us what they think.  JBA’s extensive flood data can provide our users with an even greater breadth of flood risk assessment information, in order for them to provide the best advice to their clients.

The sample JBA flood data will be available on Landmark Labs until the end of February 2015, enabling environmental professionals, insurers, planners, developers and other professionals to become familiar with the dataset and offer comments or feedback, which will ultimately guide the way in which we integrate this data into our products.”

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